Leslie Transport LLC is a Midwest carrier that runs all 48 states.
Here to serve your fresh, frozen & dry LTL needs.

Ray Leslie's Truck

Leslie Transport, LLC

Leslie Transport, LLC specializes in LTL and multiple drop - pickup loads from the midwest to most points in the United States and returning to the Midwest.

Leslie Transport, LLC is a young, vibrant transportation company with a can-do attitude. Our reputation and our goal of 100% customer satisfaction has been attained through our collective experience of over 100 years in the transportation industry.

Our modern fleet can handle any of your inbound or outbound LTL, full truck load, multiple or single shipment, refrigerated, frozen, dry or multi-temperature load needs.

Why choose Leslie Transport? Because Leslie Transport offers excellent service at a fair rate!

As always, we appreciate the opportunity to quote your company a competitive rate.

FSC (Fuel Surcharge)

Just a bit on fuel surcharges.

Fuel surcharges have been implemented and utilized in the transportation industry since diesel prices rose above $1.00 per gallon in the 1980’s. Our fuel surcharge is based on the national diesel fuel price average each Monday. These fuel surcharges are designed to cover the extra cost of fuel above the $1.00 per gallon mark only. That is to say that we cover the first $1.00 per gallon in our freight rates. We have the fairest fuel surcharges in the industry.

Other transport companies and brokers will show a lower fuel surcharge but raise the rate per mile. At Leslie Transport, we quote competitive rates and fair fuel surcharges.